Unapologetic; Afro-Urban Friday Style Inspiration

Hi Guys!

So I feel like this part is becoming a cliche now; the part where I come back and then apologize for being away longer than I planned to… Let me just say I’m going to get better, I promise I would.

Dibia Valentinoe

Today’s post is a quick semi-casual Friday style inspiration, for those of us who work or school in rigid places where they are particular about the whole formal dressing, I think at least we would be able to pull this off on Fridays.

As you would be able to tell from a distance; I am very enthusiastic about Afro-urban style, I think it’s really cool you know? It has a bit of us, and a bit of them…

Dibia Valentinoe

How did I even put this outfit together? I never seem to remember, they just happen… I know that for now I’m having a thing for caps so… Yeah!

I think the cap in this look is really cool, it reinforces the Africanism of the look, with the pants alone, it could still be mistaken, they would just call it ‘print’ and move on but now, the message would definitely sink.

Dibia Valentinoe

You know when you show up not particularly dressed in the recommended way, but then you look to school for school, or work as the case my be, so no one can really complain and in your mind you are just like yeah! Tongue out hehehehe.

Shades: RayBan

Belt: Next

Timepiece: Ulysse Nardin

Bag: Sky Walker

Shoes: Enzo

More images after the cut, thanks for sticking around, love you xoxo!

Dibia Valentinoe

Dibia Valentinoe

This is what happens when you leave your pictures with a Photoshop expert….

Dibia Valentinoe


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