On Turning One; Blog Anniversary Post

So I’m not fantastic at posts like this, I usually don’t find the right words. But here’s what we will do, let’s take a list of all the things I have NOT done for one year:

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  • I have not managed to use a smart phone for year…. (My current phone will be one year next month, maybe a miracle is on the way, but till then…) They always get stolen or spoilt or I just misplace them.
  • I have never been able to complete my bucket list for the year, so I stopped making lists altogether.
  • I have not yet been able to get around keeping a steady relationship for one year…
  • I have NEVER been able to follow through with exercise routines… Like never ever, I always quit (covers face).
  • I have not been able to put away the quarter of savings that I usually tell myself I would keep at the beginning of the year…

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This helps me appreciate the things I have actually been able to achieve like; the 43 style editorials I have put up both here and on lifeinunilag.com, The fashion events I have had the pleasure of attending, the features on top sites like Stylevitae, Bellanaija style, 360 nobs, Pulse and so on. The feature on ‘FashionformenwithDenolaGrey’ on  Ebony life TV.  The numerous interviews, the collaborations such as this one, very importantly; the style growth and the growth in imaginative thinking, the list goes on really…

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Guess what? By this time last year, I had never had a professional should, i.e I had never stood in front of the camera for a style shoot; fast forward 365 days and it feels like I have been doing this all my life… I have more professional  pictures of myself than I can post (without looking like a self absorbed narcissist anyways lol and the funny thing is that I was just having fun; its not even game time yet…

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I hope this inspires someone out there to know that it doesn’t take so long actually; more often than not all it takes is the decision to start something and just throw yourself into it, just enjoy yourself and every other thing will follow eventually. A wise person once said; ‘hard work is king but consistency is queen’ . It doesn’t have to make sense at the beginning but eventually it would.

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Most importantly, I am very grateful to you guys for giving me the platform to do this… ‘cos really, it’s not about me. You guys are the real MVPs. Thanks for all the love and support through the year thanks for giving this bit of your precious time, that’s for your comments and remarks, thanks for the words of encouragement, you guys rock! You guys are my first one year relationship so you should know how much you mean to me, I’m not even kidding…

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I promise to be more consistent and to keep working at more innovative ways to add value and make this our relationship worth while.

Cheers to many more years of creativity and God bless you guys.

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