The New Cool of Mixing Patterns

Hi guys, so I didn’t see this post coming… I’m more of an unplanned person, No! spontaneous, that’s the word (or it sounds better at least). Today, let’s talk about mixing patterns; I’m blogging my Sunday’s look however, by this time on Saturday¬† (up until 11pm actually)

I didn’t know what I was wearing to church, there was no power and I had resolved to just throw on the first thing I saw when I woke up. Eventually they restored power at about 11pm and I opened my closet and this happened.

Dibia Valentinoe

Born from my new found love for stripes and my growing confidence to try out a less conventional put together every now and then.

The funny thing is; if I had seen this on someone two years ago, I would have had a look of disapproval on¬† my face… I even remember writing in a post,( Patterns, Dots and Stripes ) how mixing patterns was such a bad idea lol, I wouldn’t have guessed. Trends are so wonderful.


Essentially, every other thing striped or dotted is monochrome (that is black or/and white). Neutral as they are allows the addition of a more playful color hence, the royal blue jacket.

Accessories and other extras are restricted to a single color (silver) and I fancied the exclusion of a pocket square and opted for plain black socks because sometimes ‘living on the edge’ requires extra caution.

Dibia Valentino

Dibia Valentino

I totally did not plan to make a blog post out of this but well, If you are a style blogger then you can definitely relate to the fact that it never feels good to style a new put together and not blog about it, that is good content wasted… Except you won’t post on social media so the world doesn’t see the outfit yet lol.

So I took these pictures after church with my phone and they didn’t seem bad so, why not?

Dibia Valentino

Thank you baby B for standing under the Sunday sun to take these pictures, and to all the children and even adults who I stopped from moving around just so I could do this lol.

Dibia Valentino

Dibia Valentino

Dibia Valentino

How liberal is your style? What’s your take on mixing patterns and playing with colors? Let’s discuss, please leave a comment, thank you and Love you.

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