Iya Bamidele

I sat across them with a defiant look. They couldn’t dictate my life to me anymore, I wasn’t a child anymore, maybe not by age but certainly by experience I was not. I was going to take my own decisions this time. I rubbed Bamidele’s back as he hiccuped. The young boy’s body shook against […]

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16 Nike’s Valentine

The phone rang. Nike hurried to get it. It was Valentine’s Day. As she made the dash from the kitchen to the sitting room of her posh three bedroom flat, she could not but wonder who it was. She searched around for where the phone’s sound was coming from. “Femi” she said aloud as she […]

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2 Denim Kinda Day

Dibia Valentinoe

Hey guys! Compliments of the season to each and every one of you. I hope the snow/harmattan (depending on where in the world you are) brings to you the peace and tranquility you so desire, may it keep your blessings cool and fresh… Like I am feeling on this denim kinda day… Frankly, I thought […]

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