Outfit Details/Collateral Damage #Rip-the-Runway2016

Hey Hey people! Hope ya”ll are good? So last week I attended the RiptheRunway fashion,music and charity show and this post brings you my outfit details as well as the collateral damage that came as a result of me trying to do it for the gram.
Let me give you the outfit details first;
It is a classic evening look, the turtle neck was in sync with the weather. I really love the Afrocentric twist to it. When I put it together in my head, I was hoping it came out nice, I guess it came out better than I expected.
This is another twist to the Afrocentric style (if you have been following my previous posts then you would be able to tell that I have a thing for 21st Century Afrocentric style.) I have styled this pant before, and i talked about it here do check it out if you haven’t.
I tried to keep every other thing to the barest minimum as I knew the print of the pant was going to be very catchy. More often than not, when going with such a formal choice I stick to just the wrist watch on one hand, I fancied the bracelets on this occasion cos of its African heritage; it further drove the point home.
Oh what I damaged? yea…
After getting ready, I was waiting on my cab when my brother returned from work (had he not returned maybe nothing bad would have happened,) so I decided to take some shots before leaving the house and this happened…

Yes! this place is fine let me stay here and snap…
Different poses so we can do it for social media… The next thing I heard a crack (I was secretly hoping it was my hip bone that cracked or something…) just wait on it….

Our fine table with the beautiful glass topping was gone… My eyes were clear as day, I gently carried myself to where I was going before my mood changed and then I wouldn’t feel like going for RiptheRunway all together.
So that was last week for me in retrospect lol, what do you think about the put together/outfit?
Please drop your comments thanks.
Images from 360nobs.com, pulse.ng and my brother’s phone. #RiptheRunway2016

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