Outfit Details Day1- Day4 LFDW 2016

So i’m still out here wondering if to write this post or not, although it has gotten a bit cold; I just thought it would be a good idea to write about my outfit details for the just concluded Lagos Fashion and Design Week (LFDW2016).

For any fash-preneur or fashion enthusiast looking to attend the four day fashion event, the problem of what to wear would definitely come up regardless of how long you had been planning your looks. If you are lucky to have a plethora of outfits in your closet, you are likely to still face the challenge of which look to rock  on what day. I had a mixture of both challenges and here are the choices I eventually made;


Dibia Valentinoe

By popular opinion, the last day is the biggest- you save your best outfit for the last day, however; as far as I am concerned, day 1 is the next more important day and here is why I think so;

The Fashion Week usually starts on a Wednesday and ends on a Saturday, now here’s the trick; most people would miss day 1, most of your celebrities and show/red carpet regulars as well as people who have to work would miss day 1 and this is your chance to be great… Get good pictures as the place is usually  not so rowdy. Secondly, on day 1, the show is not fully packed so if you arrive on time you can get a very good sit, say second row, but by the third day, the politics of sitting would have begun.

Photo credit: Rapheal_lens (for spice tv)

Dibia Valentinoe

I went with the three piece/Afrocentric touch because I really really love Afrocentric style and I had never done a three piece look with it prior to the Fashion Week.

My next favorite Afrocentric look is this one  Outfit Details/Collateral Damage #Rip-the-Runway2016

The neck scarf or neckerchief was something extra to spice things up and I really loved it. It was either that or a long tie which I won’t have been this excited about.

Photo credit: The Politan Blog

Dibia Valentinoe

Photo Credit: Director of Arts

     DAY 2

Dibia Valentinoe

Photo Credit: Manuel  Ruben Works

I was a bit nervous about my day 2 look, trying to make sure not to look like I came  to fix the plumbing in the place and all. My siblings were not helping at all,even my dad… He saw it and said when I get back I should give him the overall to work on site , like can you just Imagine? I was weak. Well, from the reviews I got, I don’t think I did badly, at least no one came to complain to me about a leaking pipe.

Dibia Valentinoe

Dibia Valentinoe

I feel the sneakers was a major uplift to this outfit, it gave it some sort of clean vibe I like.

Dibia Valentinoe


Dibia Valentinoe

This look… It was not on the menu initially because I wasn’t sure of attending all four days, luckily for me exams did not get in the way.  It however turned out to be my most exciting look, I just love the mix. I tried to achieve a fine balance between Afrocentric and Urban style.



Photo Credit: Style Vitae



Dibia Valentinoe

The three piece with the trench coat, such a darling this outfit.


I love the consistency of the polka dots regardless of the color variation.

Dibia Vlentinoe

Shoes Reto Francesco. Photo Credit: Jacinta Amune

My personal favorite look is the one from day 3, I  just love the freedom of the look however, I am grateful for my style growth this year and the range between these looks is just beautiful.

This sums up my looks and outfit details from LFDW2016, to be a part of the Fashion Week magic, just follow the hash tags #lfdw2016 or #hklfdw on instagram. Thanks for your time xoxo.

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