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Hey… Hello…. I know I know iv been away for far too long, had to shift my focus to things like exams. Awwn I missed you too, you know I did and I have been thinking about you all the while and I’m back now to stay.
So today we would be styling the African print fabric (Ankara.) The Ankara is a common uniform choice for events in the typical African setting, but the problem is with the prints of the fabric, there is little designing we can actually do… we seem to be getting bored with the designs and styles… Iv got good news for you… You don’t need to wear boring clothes anymore.


This is not a option especially if you have access to limited material, in the case that you have just two yards of African Print fabric, it is usually advisable to go with pants as opposed to a top because you would have a wider range of usage and styling options with pants.


It has all the elements of a Friday attire, you can totally wear this to work or school or any place on Fridays,in this part of the world we like to either go with the native African Print attire or the casual look on Fridays, how about a little bit of both? This look infuses the traditional Friday native feel to the casual look; rolled up sleeves and trousers but still depicts some level of seriousness with shirt tucked in. It’s very comfy and the sneakers (lol, I didn’t see that coming either,I just happened upon it) gives it a sporty and smart feel, so you are comfy enough to even rock the TGIF turn up in these….


For Saturdays… You know that wedding or party (owambe) that you only got two yards of material from your mum for? Don’t worry, I guarantee you that your Semo and Jollof rice is sure…
You need not worry about what you would do with two yards, you can have just two yards and still slay if you play your cards right. With a printed pant you have access to a wider range of style options so assuming you choose not to go with this, you still have alot of options and subsequently I would be putting up more style options for the African prints.


The idea here is to combine the African Print with a plain colour present in the list of colours on the fabric, the gentler colour hence the blue not the yellow (because you don’t wanna jus be shining like sun upandan the place.) In the event that you don’t own any outfit with the colour combination contained in the print, it is advisable to go with white or black to neutralize things.


Trust me if you do this right, you’ll stand out with just two yards of African Print fabric and your Jollof rice is going to contain two meats… Plus they might even serve you pounded yam instead of Semo, you would be comfy and rock your outfit all day… Jumping upandan the place, besides aren’t you even tired of the conventional native outfits? I know I am.
I would love to hear from you, where would you rock this to? What would you do with your two yards of African prints? Please leave your comments.. I love comments, I love you.
Photography by my bro @photobycurtis
(We gon run a family empire someday…)
Thanks for stopping by, hope it was worth your while and you picked up a thing or two.
Till the next time I see you… Stay blessed.

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