My GTBank Fashion Weekending

Guys…. let me skip the pleasantries and just jump straight into telling you how lit my weekend was last weekend, really it was fun… Like LITerally. Yes of course, you guessed right,(except that you did not guess because the title already says…) it was the GTBank Fashion Weekend.


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I did not attend the maiden edition of the GTBank Fashion Weekend last year because as we all know, it is a few weeks after fashion week; after four days, four outfits and eight ubers for fashion week, I was physically, financially and “materially” exhausted so I had to pass…

This year, for some reason it felt like I reserved a lot more energy for Fashion Weekend, although I didn’t do too much preparation by way of outfit, I devoted a lot of time into attending master classes and actually enjoying the whole show.

IMG-20171112-WA0000 IMG-20171111-WA0009 IMG-20171112-WA0001

My Day 1 outfit was a rather simple fit; but on the other hand it happens to be relatively downtrodden in the sense that, my default style is a bit more uptight, hence, I tend not to be the go to guy for sneaker advice. So I find the diversity a bit more satisfying than I should, because as a style blogger; it is important to be as wide-ranged (style speaking) as possible so as not to become predictable and limit your audience.

IMG-20171111-WA0019 _DSC0554

Also, because you follow my style journey, you can tell that I am I little bit more Afrocentric (style-wise) than most hence I found this very interesting – infusing Afrocentrism into urban street wear like….. wavy init?  So I’m on a personal journey to diversify my style as much as possible whilst still keeping it in sync with everything I stand for.

Details: Time piece- Buvola Jeans- Abercombie & Fitch Shoes- Creative Recreation

Day 2 was the highlight of my weekend, I think it’s because I got to meet more people, a lot of whom I have not seen in a long time, and I got to create more magic than the first day, plus there is this amazing thing that just gets me every time; you know how you have good friends online but you haven’t met them real life? or people that enjoy your feed and are so happy to meet you real life, it gets me every time; I’m not trying to be moist on ya’ll but I really really appreciate everyone that recognizes me and then links up to say hi with kind words… It really means a lot, I mean… I’m not happy to meet me sometimes so the fact that people think that I am someone to meet would never stop amazing me.



Chose to go for this semi-formal Afrocentric look because I wanted to dress up for the occasion and still remain comfortable in my fit since there was going to be a lot of moving around.


Details: Frames- Soles and Shades( I picked it up on first day  lol)

Timepiece & Belt- Fossil, Shoes- Reto Francesco

Blazer, Shirt and pants- Styleyvalentinoe



The runway shows where fire, I mean, every designer was specially invited so there was a need to wow the audience on a certain level so I felt they understood the need to bring their A game. My best collections where from; Laquan Smith, Weizdhurm Franklyn and Julien Macdonald.

So as usual, that’s how I managed to make this all about me, without even saying hi to you guys, such effrontery… So lets do something different today in the comment; whilst sharing your thoughts on the GTBank fashion weekend, either by personal experience or based on my little review, please let me how you are doing too… How has your November been? I want to know too… So let’s get talking….

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