“My Cassiedaves Blog planner” Feedback and Review

Hi lovelies… Hope you all are having beautiful weekends? That’s how someone said “So this week ends on a Thursday and the next one starts on a Tuesday… Thank You Judas!!!” You people ehn….
Well I plan to make the best use of the break. Talking of planning;in this post I would be writing on planning and also sharing my experiences, achievements and general thoughts of my Cassiedaves Blog Planner.
Planning is the thinking about and organisation of thoughts, ideas and activities required to achieve specific set out goals.
A blog planner is a tool used to organise thoughts, ideas and activities required to achieve set out blog goals.
But hey! My Cassiedaves Blog Planner is more than that to me… By the end of this post, you would see it through my eyes as more than a blog planner.


I really love these little personalized cards she puts inside, I’m sure everyone does too. As humans we innately want to feel important, we want to feel special, we all want to be addressed by that unique identity which is our name. “For Val” we all have that bit of us that is possessive, nothing can replace the feeling of knowing that this thing is yours, uniquely designed for you;its for this reason people get custome made jerseys, cases, plates etc. They are willing to pay extra for their unique identity… Though it is a small card and a few words, it actually doubles the worth of the item to me and I assume it’s the same for everyone else,this is also a very important business tool, every customer wants to feel like “the one”… More often than not, brands thrive on loyalty, it is usually not due to the fact that the alternative product is not good enough and one of the ways of gaining loyalty is by doing that extra something that money cannot buy… (hope I have not taken you guys too far off of the point?)


I do not have too much experience of blogging without a planner because my Blog planner was gifted to me just weeks after I started blogging, I would have loved to make a direct comparison of blogging without and with a blog planner. On the other hand, I know how it feels to live without having clear cut ideas on the goals u want to achieve, leaving them sketchy in one part of your mind, not knowing what to do first and how to outline your short, intermediate and long term goals and trust me, it is not be best way to go about things. So this moment I resolve to share my blog activities for the coming month to give an idea of what to expect starting from this month, I would be sharing the blog activities for April.


These words of encouragement are part of the things you don’t get to pay for, and they double the value of your purchase, I think iv said double before? OK double the former one you doubled… You do the maths…
They look like ordinary words until they start to mean something to you… You start off like “there’s no big deal” and you think blogging is just like posting on Instagram and getting likes, you know so many people and you just conclude that that’s all it takes to make people want to give you bits of their time, attention, energy, battery life and data everytime you post. It was after I began this journey that I realised the value of every single comment, it also made me pay more attention to other sites and every other link sent to me these days.
So no its not just a dairy or a, it is an emotional support for me, these quotes hold me and keep me going also because they were compiled by one of my favorite persons in this world.

One of the major reasons that made me take to blogging was because I said to myself “hey! Apparently you would still spend so much time thinking about these things anyway so you can as well talk about them” So yes blogging is just like having a conversation with people, it’s also like jotting down your thoughts on any topic of your choice, the only difference is that you know there are some beautiful people out there who are giving you their time, energy, battery life and data; so you have to make it worth their while, with the help of my Cassiedaves Blog Planner I hope I don’t let you guys down.
There are a whole lot of tools in the blog planner to help you blog better like the daily blog checklist guiding you on the daily activities you need to do to help you blog and network better, there is a to do list for each day, blog review chart to help you track your blog stats and also a goal revisit section to help you evaluate your overall achievement for each month, really it’s just the perfect blog companion, thank you Miss EkayBooNay(Cassiedaves) May your creative mind continue to create.
I would love to hear your thoughts on planning or having a tool that helps you plan better. Thank you for your time, energy, battery life and data… bless.

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