Love and Other Wars 2

Continued from Love and Other Wars 1

Dibia Valentinoe

“Act normal” Beverly said to herself as she got to her desk. It was three Mondays after the Saturday Tunde had visited. Soon, Tunde was bound to come over to her desk and she didn’t want to give herself away. She actually wanted him to come over to her office like he always did. She had taken her time that morning to dress up. It had been so long since she felt this rush of excitement. The last time had been with Dennis. “Dennis” she muttered to herself as she rolled her eyes. Dennis was still acting up, and giving her excuses about work. She couldn’t be bothered anyway, after all, Tunde had said that “one would have time for whom they would have time for”.

Dibia Valentinoe

Two hours later, she looked at the time, it was 11am and there was still no sign of Tunde. She stood up from her seat and walked towards Tunde’s office. There was nobody on the corridor of his office, as she walked past, she peeped in, there was nobody. She walked back, this time, in her haste she bumped into Tunde’s personal assistant. “Hey dear” she said with a big smile on her face as she tried to sound casual. He smiled back and said “Hello Beverly”.  “I was just passing by and I noticed that the office was locked” she continued. “Oh, yes! Tunde is not around, he caught a flu yesterday and called in sick today. “Wow!” she exclaimed. She now realized why she didn’t hear from him the day before. Apparently, Tunde had already made a habit of calling her every day. “Okay no problem.” She said finally and made her way to her office. The next day, Tunde was still not at the office. That evening, she engaged his P.A in a conversation and managed to get his house address.

Dibia Valentinoe

One hour after the close of work, she was pulling up at Tunde’s house in VI. She got down from her car and walked to the gate. “Who dey there” she heard from within. It was the gateman. The gate opened and she beheld a tall man whose lanky stature was a laugh for a security personnel. “I dey find Oga Tunde”. She said. “Who I be?” he said in his heavily Hausa accented English. “Tell am say Beverly find am come” she said. He spoke into the intercom and said to her that she could go. “Just turn left for that side kwo” he said giving her directions. She didn’t need it however, she could already see Tunde’s Range Rover.

Dibia Valentinoe

“What a pleasant surprise” Tunde exclaimed as he opened the door. She laughed. “Your PA told me about your illness” she said. “Oh. Well come on in” he said as he moved out of the way ushering her in. She walked in. The house was so tastefully furnished, she could only imagine the amount of wealth. It was simple but she could see that everything there must have cost a fortune from the artworks to the furniture. She sat on one of the chairs, while Tunde poured her a drink from the bar.

“I brought this for you” she said extending a “Get well soon” card and a gift pack. “Oh wow, that was thoughtful of you”. He said as he sat next to her, Beverly blushed and looked away. She was already beginning to think visiting him was a mistake. He exuded so much sexual energy, she wasn’t sure she could withstand him for long. They chatted for a bit then she said “I have to leave now.” she said while standing up an hour later, “Not yet please, stay a little more”. He said begging her. “No, you know there is work tomorrow” she said, smiling. Leaning closer, he said “So, nothing I say can make you stay?” Beverly shook her head and looked down. “He can’t be standing this close” she thought to herself, she didn’t want to give away the fact that she wanted him so bad and that was the reason why she was leaving now before she did something stupid. He leaned in some more and placing his hands on her neck, he kissed her. She couldn’t stop him, soon enough, their clothes were flying off. “Do you want this?” he asked as he carried her making his way to the couch. She nodded, she was too tongue-tied to speak. Sitting down on one of the couch, he slid her down his already hard organ. She was so wet. Beverly lost it, immediately he got into her. Slowly, she rode him, and increased the pace with each stroke. Tunde held on to her, grabbing her breasts like his life depended on it while she continued riding.

Later that night, as she lay on her bed in her house, she wondered about the events of the day. She thought about Dennis. He had called her just as she was getting in. He sounded so cheerful and She felt guilty about this thing with Tunde. Dennis apologized already and said things were going to change for the better. But, she could not ignore the new energy with Tunde, She wanted more of it; It was so good. “Dennis would not have lasted that long” she said as if to justify her actions.

“Well, the sex wasn’t so bad” Tunde said to himself. He thought he would have to work hard for this. But it got delivered to him on a platter of gold. “I should fall sick some more” He said to himself. Now that he had some of her already, he wasn’t sure he wanted to continue the chase. Office romance wasn’t really his thing and this wasn’t going to last long anyway especially since he was only here for a short while. “Maybe I’ll just enjoy this while it lasts”. He concluded.

The next day, Tunde was at work, this time he did not go to her table. There was no need, she already sought him out. “Beverly” he said, excitement written all over his face when he saw her. They chatted a little and she went back to her desk.

One week passed. Tunde and Beverly had had several of such romps and Beverly was on the verge of breaking things off with Dennis. He had actually stepped up as promised and was beginning to show much more love to her but she was not really “feeling him” anymore.

Tunde worked extra hours on Thursday because, they never worked from the office on Fridays, everybody always worked from home but Tunde was a workaholic, so he would spend extra hours trying to put some finishing touches to this proposal or that press release or something. This Thursday, Beverly had plans for him.

Tunde just stepped out when Beverly walked in, dropped her red underwear on his table and walked back to her desk. The office had emptied out, she was staying really late today all because “Tunde”. He got back and saw the panty lying on his desk. He smiled and went in search of Beverly. He found her at her desk. She had already cleared her almost always full desk. She stood and in one short sweep he lifted her up and laid her on the desk. There was really no time for foreplay. He raised her skirt up and inserted his finger into her vagina. Beverly moaned as he inserted a second finger. He was driving her crazy. Tunde unzipped and soon he was inside her. With each thrust, Beverly’s voice rose. She was floating among the stars. He continued thrusting until they both “came”. He looked at her and kissed her forehead.

Later that night, a text came in from Tunde. Beverly was excited.  She opened the text and read “It has been fun so far, let’s forget about everything and be friends that talk”. She could not believe her eyes. She had just told Dennis the day before that it was over because she thought she and Tunde were beginning to have a thing. She tried calling Tunde, but his number wasn’t going through. She kept trying all through the weekend but when it rang, he didn’t answer.

She went to his office on Monday, and his P.A informed her that Tunde had been recalled back to Abuja. “I thought you knew, you seemed so close” he said. “It must have skipped my mind” she lied. As she walked back to her office she thought about how she had built castles in her mind, only to have them demolished to shreds. She thought about Dennis and how she had already ended her relationship with him. Would she now have go back to beg him??

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