Denim Kinda Day

Hey guys! Compliments of the season to each and every one of you. I hope the snow/harmattan (depending on where in the world you are) brings to you the peace and tranquility you so desire, may it keep your blessings cool and fresh… Like I am feeling on this denim kinda day…

Dibia Valentinoe

Frankly, I thought when I opened my site I was gonna find cobwebs in here… Honestly because I have been away for too long and I apologize, I am deeply sorry and now that the craziness in my life is starting to settle down, (or at least I am getting used to it) I promise never to go away for this long again.

Also, my travel-filled holiday is helping, I am a little more relaxed. However, there are some problems that just sit there and wait for you like “you would come back and meet me here” well, till then.

Dibia Valentinoe

These pictures were taken on my phone (photo credit to the security by the way, my new bestie…) and I hadn’t planned to turn them into¬† a blog post but hey! I have missed you guys too much. Moreover, wide enough as I would have liked to believe my style range is; this is my first ever denim on denim put together, I know… I am surprised too, so I was a bit too excited not to share.



There is this refreshing vibe white gives to denim, so I decided to tap into it in this put together, feeling like a cool kid from The States… (After-all, aren’t I from one of “the states”?)

Dibia Valentinoe

Actually, I haven’t felt sorry for any piece of property like these my kicks… I always call my shoes my children, telling them I’ll take care of them, but I just can’t lie to this one, he is the one taking care of me… He just seems to go with everything, highly functional this boy… He was born at the wrong time. The white face cap is also as pretty as I imagined it to be. This is easily one of my favorite street style looks so far or what do you think? Lets keep the conversation going (or didn’t you miss me too? *sad face* .)

Thank you for taking time out to do this with me, I love you so much, merry Christmas season to you, and I wish you a blissful new year ahead.

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