Blog Manifesto for the New Blogging Year

Hi guys! I’m sure you are wondering what the difference between my new year and new blogging year is. Well, my blogging year ends in February so while this is the third month of the calendar year; it is actually the first month of my blogging year so I would like to announce the winners of the anniversary giveaway and also talk about my blog manifesto for the new blogging year.

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So recently I stopped making new year resolutions and for some reason this post feels like one, however; this helps us to know what to expect from this space during the course of the year and writing it out kind of makes me more accountable so lets dig in;

  1. To maintain an average of  1 post per week, this should amount to at least 52 posts in the next blogging year. I Was was supposed to achieve this in the first year but well, I fell short of 19 posts, I was only able to manage  33 posts, so lets try again.
  2. I would be retaining the blog series we had last month as a permanent feature on the blog; the feedback on the series were great and my readership increased by more than 100% during the series. You guys were great thank you for your support, so I think I owe it to you to retain the series,we would be having the Valentine series in February and occasional  fashion stories  during the course of the year
  3. I would be working with a number of female models and female fashion bloggers this year; owing to the need to carry my female readers along, I have been thinking of more creative ways to vary my content to add value for the female readers given that I am a men’s fashion blogger.
  4. We would be working with more people generally this year, lots of collaborative posts, this helps to fully achieve the essence of blogging as a social activity.

Dibia Valentino

5. We would be having review/critique posts of outfits from high profile fashion and red carpet events.

6. I would be happy to have guest writers here on the blog this year, not every time me…

7.I would be having a lot of lab rats this year;  styling a lot of people and talking about the outfits and style  inspiration.

8. To increase the blog stat; new users, audience overview and average views per post by 100%.

9. And of course; to keep the giveaways coming, bigger and better…

So here’s basically the blogging plan for the year, I am very open to meeting/ working with new people this year; bloggers, content writers, photographers, stylists, models etc, just hit me up ( and lets make magic.

Many thanks to you guys for your support throughout the year, you guys have been amazing really, I don’t  even know where to start. Okay maybe I do; lets start by announcing the giveaway winners; they have been randomly selected from comments on the blog last month and they are; ms_softrock- 50% off a bespoke suit courtesy suits by Edward, Ire- a t-shirt, Oma_cj – a totebag courtesy k&stotebags and Kez- a t-shirt . God bless you guys for sticking around.

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