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19 Embracing My Alter Ego Style

Hi guys! Hope you are excited ahead of the weekend? Sorry iv been away longer than I ought to,last two Tuesdays,10 days ago,on the 1st of March to be precise, my phone was stolen;not that I was keeping track or anything… Nah,actually now that I think of it, I think this is my 6th phone […]

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Do you know that aura? Of unexplainable calm. Everything is not going your way, but you decide not to bother, No one gets you, not even fam. Your plans seem stuck in yesterday, yet you choose zero worries. Just choose happiness. You seem to be moving back and forth, everything appears to frustrate your effort. […]

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18 The First Styled Shoot I Ever Had

Hi guys, thanks for coming around, this is the first post on the blog and its also a post of the first styled shoot I ever had. This was early 2015 and prior to this time I had only just enjoyed dressing up on one hand and taking pictures on the other, never actually combined […]

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