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15 Groom Inspiration

Hey hey people! Just as promised, a follow up to the last post, in case you missed it read here . I titled this one “groom inspiration” because, asides from the fact that it was the first thing that came to my mind, it is a good choice when picking a wedding outfit. Most people […]

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8 Vintage&Culture

Hello beautiful people! Firstly I really have to apologize for being away for a couple of weeks now, been dealing with errr… Life generally. Good news is that I’m back and I would be dropping two wonderful posts in quick succession. Lets try some vintage… The beautiful thing about this particular post is the fact […]

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14 Tank Top Frenzy

Hey Hey people! Howdy? Hope y’all weekends are going good? If you are Nigerian then it should be a bit of good news since you would get some days off next week… Even if you are in America, there is also the July 4th holiday so cheers! So to why we are here… If you […]

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