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On this amazing Tuesday afternoon, I and my friend had  decided to see a movie at the Silverbird Cinema just across the Arts and Craft village. We were an hour early for our movie so we took that time to take in the wonderful sight of arts and craft on display at the National Council for Arts and Culture (Arts and Craft Village). Located at Central Business District – Abuja.

Dibia Valentinoe

Across from it at the exit gate where this picture was taken is the Sheraton Hotel Abuja, at the entrance flanked on both sides you have the Silverbird Entertainment Center (SEC) and the Shehu Musa Yar’adua center.



Each building is made from clay and thatched roof, the whole environment just has this lovely ancient look that is so creative especially because of the landmarks surrounding it; you just feel like it was uprooted from somewhere else and dropped at the Central Business District.





Each art piece had so much work put into it, you could see the detailing, color combination were earthy and naturalistic. The place was filled with monuments, bead designs, decorations, clothing designs, calabash making, wooden sculptures and so many others.



2017-01-03_21-33-54Outfit details:

2017-01-03_21-32-35This was my look for the day’s outing; infusing Athleisure to Afrocentric style is not particularly new; it was a big trend all through 2016.

2017-01-03_21-34-38I wonder what I could have been saying here lol.


Dibia Valentinoe

2017-01-03_21-36-19I decided to which the look up a bit and make it more edgy by infusing the bandana trend which has come right around again, tucked up side of my shirt in and folded my sleeves to lose formality.

Dibia Valentinoe

Dibia Valentinoe

The work of art on display at the Arts and Craft Village is really breath-taking, I have never witnessed so much creativity all in one place. Dibia Valentinoe

Dibia ValentinoeThen I must say, asides from the native scene; another reason why this place is a village indeed is the fact that everyone around is so accommodating and receptive, they were even giving me ideas on locations to snap… Like how nice!

Dibia Valentinoe

Dibia Valentinoe

Dibia Valentinoe

Dibia Valentinoe

The village is one of the top tourist attractions in the Federal Capital Territory, if you are in Abuja sometime you should totally check it out.

This outing brought so much joy to my trip, now I feel like I brought something back for you guys… So to everyone who has asked me  or who would still ask what  I brought back here you have it, I hope you love it lol.

Photo cred- @oma_cj

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