Afrocentric Style for the Win; the Semi-Formal Twist

Afrocentric Style, hmmmn… So this week didn’t entirely go as planned, mehn… A lot of things that could have gone better. Oh! where are my manners? Hello everyone! hope your weeks were as promising as you hoped they would be? And hope you all are easing into the weekend? So I am working on being more open and letting people in and all let me share some of my experiences this week. So exactly a week ago I traveled cos I felt like I needed a change of environment and more importantly, to go put together pictures for something.

For those like me who have been relying on Visafone for pretty much unlimited internet connection you can relate to the fact that the company has been sold and as such there are no recharge cards available, meaning we cant subscribe, meaning no internet (for those of you whose subscriptions are still on, its only a matter of time you hear?) So basically I was out of town without sufficient data which in our sphere is crippling… Okay fine,
I planned to stay for four days, I got there and behold! a four day rain ensued up till the day I left it was raining, I had a flu which didn’t make life any easier for me, I wasn’t sleeping well… (I tend not to sleep well when I don’t have peace of mind, when I am working on something big or when I need to find a solution to a challenge. So i guess it was one of these three things.) In the midst of all of that,I still managed to bring back these for you guys:


Don’t be angry o, its another Afrocentric Style ehn, wait for the outfit details while I finish giving you this gist, where did I stop? Ehen! Twas not easy o, we had to stop shooting in the middle of looks cos of the rain; wait for the rain to stop and then we started shooting again. Meanwhile, I was sneezing all through so cut my facial expressions some slack (maybe that’s why this pose came to me lol…)


I fell in love with the pictures the moment i saw them, this was originally not the post scheduled for this week but I couldn’t wait. I’m still giving you that gist o, so I was barely finished with what I went to do before i had to pack up and leave cos I had an appointment with someone and my sister was traveling, I wanted to see her before she left. I got on the road and consoled myself that at least I would meet WIFI at home… (you know how all these kinds of movies turn out now?) You are right, it had expired.


Yes Yes! Exactly the pose for how I felt, Okay fine; ‘when life throws you lemons… right? But this was slowly becoming “Yoyo Bitters” as I decided to purchase airtime from my account to subscribe (deep sigh) they took my money and didn’t give me the airtime, I had been purchasing little sums since and nothing went wrong o! but when I decided to… its okay, I refuse to be pained.


Long and short of the story is, I got the data anyways and I’m here cos I’m always happy when I’m here with you. (They have not reversed my money anyways but its alright…) Its not like I’m thinking of it or anything… (They said to wait three working days…) And if you are reading this and you are laughing don’t bother commenting o! Let me not catch you… Well that is the abridged version of my week in retrospect.

Out Fit details; this is a semi-formal styling of the African Print, If you have been following you would have caught the informal and formal Afrocentric styling, if you didn’t catch them you can see them here and here

The right amount of Orange, I’m glad that it is burnt orange… It helps to retain the masculinity if you ask me, folded trousers and rolled sleeves, very typical of semi-formal outfits. Brown to match, gold details.2016-06-17_23.55.52
And hey… Meet my first son, his name is Andrew.
Shout out to Baju, Ms Softrock, Marrz, Tiana_kris and Laura for participating in last week’s give away. God bless you. So if you have seen the formal,semi-formal and informal styling, what other Afrocentric look do you think we can achieve with it? Please leave your comments, I love your comments thank you thank you, Cheers!

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