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Dibia Valentinoe

Sometimes I image/wish I was not born Nigerian; maybe my ideology doesn’t even fit into the lifestyle in this part of the world, I love to wear three pieces, trench coats and stuff… Maybe the clime here won’t let you be that great. However; one of the biggest things I would have really missed about being African/Nigerian is being clad in Afro-urban/ Afrocentric  inspired pieces, this has become an integral part  of my style existence as such, when I think of not being African I just can’t let Afro-urban style go…

The evolution African prints incorporated into everyday and every other day outfits has been a massive game changer to our style as Africans, It has definitely put Africa on the map (I’m not saying it was not on the map before… lol, Leave me alone! You get my point.)

Dibia Valentinoe

If there is one thing we are getting right in this part of the world, it is definitely our style definition as Africans; we can hold our own anywhere in the world and still you know… Slay.

Afro-urban/ Afrocentric style is not recessing or facing any meltdown… We are getting it right. Then as Nigerian, well, we are exporting something.

Dibia Valentinoe

Dibia Valentinoe

I have pulled off a jumpsuit look before here:  Outfit Details Day1- Day4 LFDW 2016

But my love for African prints (without necessarily having to sew the regular style of ankara designs) necessitated the urge to want to try out a jumpsuit with African print.  The idea came to me and I just did it… I don’t think it turned out bad did it?

The jumpsuit is one idea on its own; I just thought to throw on the accessories and the blazer to give it the”haute couture” look and also, to fit the theme of this blog collaboration with Kingduke of

Dibia Valentinoe

We are selling to you Afro-urban style that can hold its own anywhere in the world

Dibia Valentinoe

Dibia Valentinoe

Photocred; @smilesfotografi

Blazer: @jo_thomasclothing

Jumpsuit: @stylebyvalentinoe

Belt: Fossil

Time piece: Ulysse Nardin

Shoes: Enzo

What do you think guys? Did we do well?

What do you think about the evolution of Afrocentric/Afro-urban style?

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