Afro-Street Style Inspiration – Dibia Valentinoe X Godwin Wi

Dibia Valentinoe

Wow! I’m not even sure I can write anymore, taking down the cobwebs from this site wasn’t an easy task however;  when this awesome Style & Tech and my very good friend Godwin Wi had this initiative to work on a dope-ass collaboration, I was more than excited to do this!

If you are very familiar with Lagos, Nigeria then you would know this location, awesome wall art init?

Dibia Valentinoe

We tried to achieve  a fine blend of afro-urban and street style on this particular occasion with the African prints and kicks, the trench added the subtle blend of high-fashion feel to the street style look.

Dibia ValentinoeSo while I was busy trying to strike the perfect pose and stuff, this guy beside me was just goofing around and trying to make me laugh and lose my prestige… (not like I have any). Ironically, Godwin is one of the hardest workers I know, he does a lot of things, but you know all these boss-men that like to pretend to be low-key… So it’s safe to say he plays as hard as he works.

Dibia Valentinoe

Dibia Valentinoe

Well, maybe I have to draw more inspiration from Godwin and find a way to balance all the aspects of my life, this space inclusive; all this while I have been feeling like an important part of me has been missing and I’m glad to be able to express myself again through this form of art.


To the many people who have asked me why I have been off, I guess this is me saying I am back and I promise not to just up and leave again, and at the same time; I pray I am able to balance things and remain consistent because I really love this part of me, the time I spend in this space with you guys…

Dibia Valentinoe

My genuine thanks to everyone who has ever stopped by this space, I truly appreciate you and all your kind words of encouragement.


Hey… Let’s do some outfit details, sorry to have gone all moist and stuff, I’m not usually like this I promise….

Like I mentioned earlier, the kicks keep this look very street stylish, the prints provide the African feel of the look and of course the hat keeps  the high fashion thing going…

2017-10-02_13.09.30 2017-10-02_13.15.46

I think this ring is about the oldest accessory I own, many people wonder why I am seemingly obsessed with the idea of wearing a band on my finger.

So this is my Afro-street style collaboration with Godwin Wi of what do you guys think of  the style theme in relation to the scenery? Let’s talk wall art and fine boys in the comment section 😉 PS who knows where this location is?

More images after the cut.


2017-10-02_13.01.40 2017-10-02_13.06.31 2017-10-02_13.08.00 2017-10-02_13.14.10 2017-10-02_13.35.09

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