A Good Dose of Afrocentric Style

A good dose of Afrocentric Style never hurt no one…
Hey lovelies! Hope ya’ll are having a great weekend? You see, I always try to write to you guys at this time cos I presume it’s the happiest time of the week for most… I cannot now now be bringing my ‘wahala’ to you when I’m not sure you are happy, before you come and goan be giving me cold shoulders.
So as has now become public knowledge that I have a thing for adding a Western touch to an Afrocentric look, this is so because it fulfils my need to look African and at the same time looking trendy and youthful all at once,I rarely even sew outright native attires anymore.

Infusing African prints into a formal outfit is not yet as easy… Given that most times those who love their African heritage so much tend to feel that they do not need to look so western. However, there has been a fair number of trials both locally and overseas and I really like the idea if I do say so myself.

I came across a picture of a similar looking pant styled on a jacket and I said to myself “hey! Why don’t you do something with this look” and so I was able to come up with this…

I think this was the moment I fell in love with the Afrocentric style.

Infusing the Fedora and the bow tie gave it a new twist… I’ve never actually tried that one before, but I like it though. I love the way the colors of the pant bounce off the all black everything else in the look.
I’m also loving the location… Very natural and just helps send a clearer message… If I tell you the secret of how we discovered this location ehn… Well; perspective is everything really,the way our view of something changes once we look at it differently lol… I never thought I would be staring at uncompleted buildings and trees and actually be very happy and satisfied.
I have actually styled this pant before here and that was the post where I promised to bring you more Afrocentric looks… I would like to think I haven’t done so bad on that promise, I just hope you are finding them as much fun as I am. I think it’s creative, alil bit unconventional, edgy and it suits me which is very important. Well, that’s what I think of course.
I love the way the pant and the color details come out on the black,and how the black shades it at the same time. Everything else is plain black for control purposes… And well if you ask me I would totally wear this to a formal event and feel as comfortable as possible,but the question is would you?
What are your thoughts on this look? How would you wear it? What would you take out or add? Where would you wear this to? Please leave your comments, you know I love to hear your side of the story…
Thanks for your time, bless you. And remember to rock Afrocentric style

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