Love and Other Wars 1

“You don’t give me enough of your time?” Beverly started. She was on the phone with Dennis. These days, they hardly spent time together. Many times, her mind would wander back to the days when they just met. She remembered how he would bombard her phones with calls and text messages every day. Those days when she would wake up to random text messages from Dennis. She had gotten used to the attention and now it was almost nonexistent. She could feel it. Now, she had to almost beg him to call her, she had to beg him to see her. His excuse was mostly his job. “No babe, you know work is really hectic these days” Dennis replied her. Beverly sighed. That was it. It was always about his work. What about her? Why wasn’t it ever about her? The connection between them was getting reduced with each passing day. He only seemed to have her time when he wanted to have sex with her. She was tired. She was tired of struggling. “You know what, let me just give you space”, she said finally. “Maybe, then you would realize how much I mean to you.” She said and ended the call. She was furious.

Dennis wondered why Beverly was acting this way. Of course she knew that work was very hectic, it wasn’t like there was anybody else. The last thing he needed right now was anybody giving him drama. He sighed and went back to his work.

Two days later, Beverly had just gotten to work when Tunde waltzed in to her office. This guy was a pain in her ass. She didn’t know how to tell him off especially since he was her boss. He had been asking her to dinner, but she really wasn’t interested and right now, she was having one of those mornings when she felt like she had the world on her plate, she didn’t need anyone trying so hard to crack her up. “Hello Bev” he said grinning from side to side. She looked up at him. She wondered if he ever had a bad day or a bad morning. “Hello Tunde”. She examined him closely. He was not looking bad. “Gosh! When did he ever look bad?” she asked herself. She could see that he just got a haircut. She wondered who the lucky girl was that had him to herself. Tunde was the Assistant General Manager of the branch, he drove a Range Rover and was one of those big boys that graced high profile society events, so she wondered why he chose to pay her, an ordinary content editor, his attention ever since he was posted to this branch from Abuja. “What do you want from me Tunde?” she finally asked when the silence got awkward. “I just want you to say yes to me. Just a dinner, just once”.

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Beverly was one of the most beautiful girls in this organization and since he first set eyes on her, he had not stopped thinking about her. His groin ached every time he thought about her, he found himself day dreaming of kissing her whenever she stood close to him. Damn! Those lips were the sultriest thing since Ifunnaya. He thought about Ifunnaya, he remembered how he had relentlessly sought her. But once he had her, he got tired and broke up. He knew this was different. He couldn’t explain it. He just knew that there was something about her that he needed to explore. “I just want you to say yes to me. Just a dinner, just once”

“Hello Dennis” Beverly said into the phone receiver four days later. “Hello love” Dennis replied. Beverly scoffed. It was four days since they last spoke. She didn’t in her wildest dreams think Dennis could go four days without talking to her. “Wow, so I still have a boyfriend!” she said in mock surprise. “I am sorry babe. I just had a lot to deal with at work so I have been really busy. Our partners are coming in from New York next week so we have to make sure everything is tight.” Dennis replied. She closed her eyes as she held on tighter to the phone. She wanted to scream in anger. Couldn’t he see that they were losing touch with each other? She summoned strength to finally say something, “You couldn’t even text me?” She asked. “Beverly, you know the way this work thing is, I don’t even have time for myself” he started. “I would make it up to you. Soon.” Beverly sighed. “Okay no problem, it is fine.” She said.

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As Beverly dropped the phone she thought back to when she went on that dinner date with Tunde. She finally said yes and she didn’t regret it. The dinner was one of the best things she had experienced in a long time. Everything was perfect that night. Just as she was thinking, Tunde called. “Talk of the devil” she said to herself. “Hello dear” he said. “Hello Tunde”. She replied. “You sound really stressed, are you fine?” he asked. “Well…” she started. “You know what? How about I come over and help relieve the stress” he said, cutting her. “No, don’t worry, you don’t even know my house address” she replied him. “You have forgotten I dropped you off after the dinner? I would be there in a minute.” And with that, he ended the call. She couldn’t deny that she was beginning to feel a tiny bit of affection for Tunde or was it because Dennis was being off and on?

Not long after, Tunde was at her door. She looked him over, he was wearing shorts, a t-shirt with a face cap. “I am fine, you really didn’t have to come over” she said. “Well, here I am, use me” he said laughing. “Fish! You are just something else” she said as she ushered him into her flat. Tunde walked in briskly, “Not bad” he said looking around, “You know you didn’t let me in the last time” he continued as he sat down on the couch. “Well, you know I was tipsy, I had slightly more than enough to drink, so I couldn’t possibly have allowed you over” she said, joining him on the couch. “So let’s talk about what it is that is stressing you out.” he said. She laughed as she looked at him paying close attention this time. He had such hot lips, and his eyes could set a woman’s soul on fire. “It is nothing really, just…” and with that she started about how her boyfriend Dennis was acting up. “Maybe there is someone else” Tunde started. No, she didn’t want to think about it. She couldn’t begin to imagine that it was someone else who was making Dennis act this way. “Forget about it, what should I offer you? I was just about to make lunch”. She said. “Nothing” he said. “Are you sure?” she asked. “Yes I am” he maintained. “Just sit with me”. “No I won’t be sitting with you. I am famished. Let me prepare something to eat. And I am cooking for you too. I insist!” she said. He laughed, “Yes ma!!!”

Beverly stood by the kitchen sink, she was just rounding up her cooking and had quite a number of plates to wash. Tunde came and stood by the door, “And that is how you left me all by myself in the sitting room” he said. “Let me help you out.” He continued. Beverly laughed. “You can’t possibly know your way round the kitchen” She said, avoiding looking at him. This kitchen was small enough and she didn’t want him coming closer. It was enough that she found him sexually appealing, she needed to be in control. “You would be shocked”. Tunde said as he went closer.

Tunde looked at Beverly, her long legs were a wonder to behold and it didn’t help that she was on bum-shorts. He moved closer to her and put his hands on her waist on both sides. He felt her shudder, leaning closer, he put his lips to her neck and planted a kiss there.

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Beverly couldn’t take it anymore. Enough with the pretense. At least she could indulge herself just this once. Dennis would never know. She turned around and kissed him slowly. Just then, they both perceived the burning smell of the burning jollof rice. “Oh my God, the rice” she screamed breaking off. They both laughed as she tried to salvage what was left of the food.

Three hours later, it was time to go. “Today was almost a hit” Tunde said to himself as he left the house. “There would be other times”.

As Beverly closed the door, she put her hands to her lips. “What did I do?” she asked herself. “Never again would this happen.”

To be continued…

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